if you claim to have gone through the naruto phase without having a crush on at least one akatsuki member than you are a fucking liar

Anonymous asked: Can you recommend some good period show/movies


ok i think these are all the ones i’ve watched & would recommend

  • the virgin queen (mini series)
  • the bletchley circle (mini series)
  • north & south (mini series)
  • the tudors (tv show)
  • the borgias (tv show)
  • penny dreadful (tv show)
  • downton abbey (tv show)
  • outlander (tv show)
  • mad men (tv show)
  • dracula (tv show)
  • camelot (tv show)
  • belle (movie)
  • amadeus (movie)
  • anonymous (movie)
  • pleasantville (movie)
  • 42 (movie)
  • kingdom of heaven (movie)
  • the villiage (movie)
  • pride & prejudice (movie)
  • anne of the thousand days(movie)
  • elizabeth (movie)
  • true grit (movie)
  • picnic at hanging rock (movie)
  • sense & sensibility (movie)
  • the duchess (movie)
  • 12 years a slave (movie)
  • cracks (movie)
  • ever after (movie)
  • vanity fair (movie)
  • walk the line (movie)
  • the grand budapest hotel (movie)
  • marie antoinette (movie)
  • jane eyre (movie)
  • ray (movie)
  • inglourious basterds (movie)
  • titanic (movie)
  • atonement (movie)
  • anna karenina (movie)

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people that ship catoniss


Anonymous asked: Can you recommend some of those Cato/Katniss fanfics you were talking about?


Catoniss Recs:


Here’s a part of the list which I have already posted.

And here’s more of it!

In progress:

knock-on-it asked: any catoniss recs?


um, there’s a lot! Sorry if the list is too big, but anyways:

In Progress:


  • Life After Peeta Mellark (the oneshot is GREAT! It’s really long and it’s really interesting how the writer develops the relationship between Katniss and Cato)
  • Minimum Detail (please, ignore the fact that I’m recommending myself here =])

Of course, there are a lot more I like. If you want me to recommend more, send another ask saying it and I’ll make a bigger list :)


Last week, it was our Summer Fling picks for adult fiction. Today, our Young Adult Fiction Summer Fling with a Book Hive Booklist! (We know: It needs a better title. =) )

And as you can see, it took just a teensy bit longer because our readers overwhelmingly preferred YA - here’s everything we recommended for romance, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery/thriller, plus a few bonus beach reads to boot. Thank you to everyone who submitted a personality quiz - we had a fantastic summer with our summer fling readers!

And in case you missed it, we got you covered for fall books, too!  


a pair of lungs got filled with air and it was awesome

Bullets, Vibrators, and Rabbits -- Oh My! (Updated)


Many of you have liked/reblogged the original sex toy recs post, which makes me very happy. Hopefully the new additions to the list (marked with **) will make you even happier.



The Mummy Returns (2001, directed by Stephen Sommers)

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