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I reblog this for the anon who once sent me an ask telling me there was no such thing as a history fandom on tumblr.

Hi-hi-historical jokes.


Outlander S01E08 480p HDTV x264-xRed


Outlander S01E08 480p HDTV x264-xRed


"did you need anything of me, inquisitor?"

values and muscle practice with cullen and shot on his glorious butt <:

Cullenite role call


If youre a Cullenite or a self professed lover of Cullen, reblog this. I want to know where my soul sistas at for when Inquisition comes out.


it must say something about me that this little smooch more than any of the high-octane spit-swapping and fuck-a-thon made me clutch my pearls and say “GET THEE TO A NUNNERY, YOU CHEATING CHEATER WHO CHEATS.”


One of the things I love is the laughter. There are plenty of moody angst or super hot sex scenes out there in shows and movies. But what the makers often forget is that healthy, happy and yes, sexually compatible relationships are also full of laughter and joy and simple fun. 

One of the things I love so much about Jamie and Claire on the show is that their utterly ridiculous sexual chemistry is underpinned by their basic character compatibility and comfort with each other and the fact that they can giggle in bed like total dorks really highlights that. 

And I love that the show actually takes time to dwell on random little moments, like Jamie’s anxious worry that she didn’t like it because he was told women don’t, or her amusement at his perception of how sex would normally work, or their talking about her hair.

They are not just getting to know each other’s bodies. However corny it’s going to sound, they are getting to know each other’s souls too.


Fullsize view (nsfw)

With hungry, dark eyes, she watches him like a starved wolf as she approaches — crawling on all fours across the wooden floor, and Varric marvels at the sensual coil and slide of her muscular frame. Smirking a little, the storyteller leans back on his elbows as she draws closer, lifting herself onto her knees when she sidles between his thighs. Her slender palms glide upwards from his knee, latching onto his hips and digging faint red lines in his flesh with her claws.

Shit, sweetheart,” breathes the dwarf raggedly, watching raptly as she leans forward and drags her pierced tongue along the underside of his shaft. The little orb of gold slides against his heated flesh, and a shiver ripples through him. Sunrise-colored iris vanish beneath her lids as she sucks lightly on his tip, eliciting a rough groan from his throat. It’s becoming more difficult to keep his eyes on her.

Clawed fingers coming to stroke his base, the talented qunari takes him slowly into her mouth, hollowing her cheeks as she works him to the cusp within minutes. Blindly, the dwarf’s hand comes and latches onto her hair, fisting at her forehead as if he might float away otherwise.

He whines like a kicked dog when she withdraws, leaving him dangling on the precipice.

"Patience, love," purrs the qunari. "My turn first."

Ah this makes me happy. Dig dig diggy dig.


So I’ve been watching I Miss You for a couple of weeks now and this guy here is actually the reason I did. I saw an MV with Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye for the drama and what can I say - I love a pretty boy.
That being said and pretty looks aside, this second male lead character is probably the most sinister I’ve come across so far. It’s actually mind boggling for me to see such a change in the second male lead character because I’m so used to watching rom-coms and IMY is my first melodrama.
But boy oh boy, this man has got his issues. And yet I still like him! I don’t know if I just have a thing to like all second male leads but even Joon-ah as possessive and crazy as he is manages to gain some sympathy. He’s cute and charming when he’s prepared to be but even psycho (Look at that above scene!) and slightly (basically totally) stalkerish sometimes, he’s attractive. Maybe I’m the crazy one - and I admit, I usually am - but one thing is for certain - Yoo Seung Ho is one fine male specimen.

AHHHHHHHHHH I found someone who agrees with me!!!!! I love the actor he does such a good job. And I have a thing for possessive,dark, and crazy. What can I say I have a complex and I love it. 


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Every time this video shows up, I 1. have to watch it again, and 2. laugh until I’m crying like I have a problem.

Anonymous asked: I need nsfw Cullen pics. Please. Which are you favorites?


Okay, I wouldn’t call this a master post or anything, but here’s a compilation of some fan artists and all their durty fan art I could find on short notice :D

merwild [photoset]

willobea [1] [2]

feylen [1] [2] [3]

mellorianjart [1] [2]

the-art-finch [1]

therealmcgee [1]

Just make sure you have some tissues for the bloody noses.  :D

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